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Partners in Excellence” is the philosophy of S & L Products and Services, Inc. S & L Products is supported by an experienced staff of knowledgeable representatives who interface with buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. S & L Products has established a reputation for providing quality, cost-effective products, timely delivery and responsive client service.

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Sal E Gotleib

“Environmentally Friendly…”

Recycling is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of being environmentally friendly, and recycling is important, but recycling is only one part of the environmentally friendly equation. The environmental and performance benefits of using biobased products are ideal for places where leakage poses a significant threat to an environmentally sensitive area and a place of natural beauty.

“Through their commitment to freedom, America’s veterans have lifted millions of lives and made our country and the world more secure. They have demonstrated to us that freedom is the mightiest force on Earth. We resolve that their sacrifices will always be remembered by a grateful Nation.”

President George W. Bush
October 31, 2006